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URL: http://www.palmistry.com.au

Title: Palmistry, The Art of Palm Reading.

Description: Discover the secrets of your palm with this enchanting site on palmistry and other psychic gifts and powers. You will be amazed at what you will be able to read from the palm of your hand.

Palmistry web sites:

1. Astrologicallyspeaking.com
Welcome to my astrology site. to my astrology site. my weekly horoscope column is published on Wednesdays, which appears in print in the Vancouver Courier, BC and on the website for the Communities of Coquitlam and Port Moody called City Soup. The Astrologically Speaking monthly Editions will be published as time permits during 2005 while I complete my manuscript on Venus. Archived columns are listed on the articles page

2. Hand And Horoscope
A website by Manfred Magg that explores the relationship between occidental astrology and handreading.

3. HumanHand.com - Hands, the most fascinating part of the human body.
All about the human hands. Learn palmistry, ask a question, or read articles. Online certification course is now available.

4. Lubomir Dimitrov: please click for his interesting article combining astrology and palmistry
Astrological services consisting of private and fast Internet readings, Natal reports, Predictions, Astrological diaries, Reports for compatability, Synastry, Relocation reports, Astrology Courses, Karmic astrology, Seminars and Lectures, articles, helpful links and free e-library.

5. Natural Health, Australia, Lifestyle Directory, Australia, Natural Medicine
Natural, Alternative, Complementary Health and Lifestyle Directory, find Natural Practitioners, Clinics, Products, Natural Therapies, Organic produce, Schools and Colleges, Associations

6. Online Palm Reading - Online Psychic Reading - Psychic Chat
Online psychic readings and chat, fortune telling, palm reading, tarot readings, and much more at the Psychic Guide!

7. Palmistry Research
Palmistry Research News & Psychology

8. PsychicLynx

9. Surrealist.org - A digital scrapbook of these surreal times
Abstract surrealist artwork and books by Nori J. Muster.

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